About Us | Insanity Stack


This product was designed from the ground up to make you perform your best in the gym or athletic sport. Made with a 100% pure high grade ammonium chloride & sodium carbonate complex., we're confident you'll get that adrenaline rush to break those PRs in the gym!

LONG LASTING FORMULA: Our product is designed to not degrade over time when stored in an unused state. When you do start using it regularly, the high potency formula will keep giving you that rush for months on end.

ON-THE GO DESIGN: Insanity Stack comes in an easy to store bottle. Simply throw it in your gym bag and take it when you need to do those heavy sets in the gym!

JUST 1 INGREDIENT - Unlike other brands which use cheap fillers, we only use a 100% high grade ammonium chloride & sodium carbonate complex.